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Topic: Planning

Planning under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a multi-step process of determining where needs are greatest, developing services to address those needs, and examining service delivery to determine their effectiveness.  Planning is carried out in different ways, depending on the program and services being delivered.  

  • Community-wide and state level planning (under Ryan White Part A and Part B) covers a large geographic area and various populations.  Part A and B planning entails a sequence of tasks to assess needs, determine how to address and fund those needs, and coordinate services with other Ryan White Parts (programs) and other payers. 
  • Planning undertaken by clinics and other service agencies involves examination of epidemiologic and service delivery data to identify needs in the service delivery area. This type of planning is then used to guide decisions about how to deliver services.

Legislative and Program Requirements


  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    June 2013

    Manual for Ryan White Part A grantees and planning bodies on administration of their programs. Update reflects Ryan White legislative and program requirements through 2013.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    May 2013

    Manual for Part B grantees and planning bodies outlines legislation and policies along with technical guidance on carrying out specific requirements of grantees.

Training resources

  • Planning Council Primer
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    January 2008

    Informs Part A planning council members about the roles and responsibilities of planning councils and Part A grantees. Includes an overview of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, and covers how Part A works. Addresses planning council structure and bylaws, TA and the Part A award process.

  • January 2014

    These presentations were prepared for the July 29-31 2013 Ryan White Program Part A reverse site visit.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    October 2013
    This module runs approximately 25 minutes and presents information about the background and purpose of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). It is intended as a resource for orienting first-time Grantees and Providers and new staff on RWHAP-funded projects.
  • HRSA Logo
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    June 2013

    These presentations were prepared for the June 2013 Ryan White Program Part B reverse site visit.

  • Mosaica
    March 2003

    Provides planning councils and consortia members with the information necessary to participate in Ryan White planning and implementation activities, with special emphasis on people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).


  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    November 1996

    You Make the Difference is an orientation to Ryan White Planning Councils for prospective new members. The video describes the Planning Council's role in assessing needs and making decisions about funding of HIV/AIDS services for metropolitan areas with the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases.

Slide sets

  • HRSA Logo
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    March 2014

    This webinar, hosted by Division Director Steven Young and held March 12, 2014, covered:

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    November 2012

    Slide presentations for workshop sessions held at the November, 2012 Ryan White Grantee meeting in Washington, DC. 

  • 20 Years of Leadership A Legacy of Care
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    August 2010

    Download presentations from the nearly 250 workshops held at the 2010 meeting.  Tracks included: Access and Retention; Administrative and Fiscal Management; Coordination and Linkages; Cultural Competency; Prevention/Care Continuum; Program/Agency Development; and Quality/Evaluation/Data.


  • US Map
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    March 2014

    State and national profiles on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and HIV/AIDS epidemic, presenting state-level information (population characteristics, infection statistics, services provided). Profiles can generate data tables and charts.


  • TARGET Center
    December 2013

    Collection of tools on planning for implementation of ACA--examination of health insurance plans, projecting how many clients will transition to new coverage.  More to come.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

    Workbooks to help Ryan White planning bodies and other entities self-assess their effectiveness. Each SAM is designed for use by a small ad hoc group.  Major topic areas are assessed through a series of questions, which are scored in order to identify strengths and weaknesses.