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Topic: Engaged Leadership

“Engaged leadership is identified as a necessary change concept in transformation of practices.”

The following tools were designed to promote an engaged leadership that fosters commitment, demonstrates clear vision, and develops resources for transformation to motivate staff and improve care. The tools were informed from a series of nationwide PCMH workshops and trainings, and will help provide leadership assessment strategies. Included in these resources is an organization assessment guide, a “key steps” road map, video from a recent Strategic Planning workshop, and more.

E. H. Wagner, K. Coleman, R. J. Reid et al., Guiding Transformation: How Medical Practices Can Become Patient-Centered Medical Homes, The Commonwealth Fund, February 2012.


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    HIV/AIDS Medical Homes Resource Center (HIV-MHRC)
    January 2014
    This brief tool will help you assess leadership strengths in your organization. It is taken from a larger Assessment of Organizational Capacity developed by Partnership HealthPlan of California for a group of Community Health Centers who are undergoing transformation to Patient Centered Medical Homes.
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    HIV/AIDS Medical Homes Resource Center (HIV-MHRC)
    May 2013
    Leadership is one of several key steps in transforming your practice to become a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This document provides tools to help communicate your PCMH goals and vision with board members, patients, staff and patients. The Roadmap allows you to identify your internal strengths and other resources in moving forward with transformation and becoming a PCMH.


  • The Commonwealth Fund
    June 2013

    This article examines the role of primary care and the medical home as well the medical neighborhood, highlighting the active partnership needed by providers and patients alike.


  • HIV/AIDS Medical Homes Resource Center (HIV-MHRC)
    May 2013

    This brief 8 minute video contains highlights from a recorded session of the Leadership Breakout session from the HIV-MHRC Strategic Planning Workshop which was held in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013.