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Topic: Documenting "Must Pass" Elements

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is one of several organizations that provide formal designation for patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs). The NCQA review process requires submission of a written application and associated documentation that demonstrates how a clinic has implemented the requirements for PCMH recognition. An electronic health record is required for higher level PCMH recognition and is an important tool in achieving and documenting effective patient-centered care.

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Webinars and Training

  • HIV/AIDS Medical Homes Resource Center (HIV-MHRC)
    November 2013
    Are you familiar with the NCQA PCMH 2011 process? Do you know what are the “must pass” elements? Do you have a process to track and document your standing orders? Learn from the presenters' overview and examples of the must pass elements for the NCQA standards.


  • AETC National Coordinating Resource Center (NCRC)
    January 2017

    Clinical education/training resources and patient education materials on a range of HIV clinical care and clinical management topics.