Program Managers

Key Resources

Guidelines and Manuals

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    March 2016

    AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) legislative and program requirements, contract management, management strategies.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    February 2015

    Manual for Part B Program Directors, staff and others, to serve as an orientation guide, reference document on legislative and program requirements and a tool in managing fiscal and program components.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    November 2013
    Performance measures to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs monitor and improve the quality of care they deliver.
  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    June 2013

    Manual for Ryan White Part A grantees and planning bodies on administration of their programs.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    April 2004

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care providers to assure patient confidentiality and other patient rights. This resource assists Ryan White grantees, their contractors, and subgrantees in complying with these requirements.

Webinars and Training

  • HealthHIV
    May 2015

    Trainings to build the fiscal health of agencies funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, including development/enhancement monitoring standards, budgeting, fiscal standards, diversifying income streams, and quality controls for sub grantees and vendors.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    January 2008

    Part A planning council member, and Part A grantee, roles and responsibilities.

Tools and Job Aids

Reports and Best Practices

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    December 2012

    Series outlining cost-saving and cost-cutting strategies used by AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP).