Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

Grantees and Providers

Ryan White grantees are asked to take the long view while staying on top of the day-to-day details of running a modern health service. Planning bodies must understand the trends of HIV in their states, regions, cities, and towns. Data managers support this process by making sure that their reports are accurate and complete, and program and fiscal managers make sure that their programs are serving their communities within the parameters of complex legislation and requirements.

HRSA's commitment to grantees to to make expectations as clear as possible, and to provide tools and support to meet them. This website catalogs resources developed by HRSA, technical assistance (TA) providers, contractors, and grantees. Please use them freely, reach out to your project officer and other TA providers, and, importantly, share your own tools with your peers across the country.

Topics for grantees and providers

  • Program Management and Administration - tools for evaluation, fiscal management, capacity building, program monitoring, management, and more
  • Program Parts - are you A, B, C, D, F or all of the above? These pages bring together information targeted to the Ryan White program part(s) that support your work
  • Data and Reporting - whether you are new to this field or an old pro, there are people and resources prepared to help you meet HRSA's reporting requiements
  • Planning - these resources cover all aspects of Ryan White program planning and coordination, from a local level, to statewide