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ADAP Eligibility & Insurance Assistance Resources

06/16/2014 Resource

Eligibility Decision Tree

06/16/2014 Resource

Ryan White Services Tracker

06/15/2014 Event

Ryan White Services Tracker

06/15/2014 Resource

Negotiating with Health Insurance Plans: Perseverance

06/10/2014 Resource

Considerations in Marketing to Health Insurers

06/10/2014 Resource

Tools and Strategies for Care Coordination and Referral Tracking in Patient-Centered Medical Homes

06/09/2014 Resource

Can You Still Enroll in ACA Coverage?

06/04/2014 News Article

ACA Funding Available to Expand Health Center Services

06/03/2014 News Article

Job Opening: HRSA/HAB Director of Training and Capacity Development

05/30/2014 News Article

Ryan White Services Report (RSR) Download Package

05/29/2014 Resource

HRSA's Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care Updated

05/28/2014 News Article

White House HIV/AIDS Listening Sessions This Summer

05/27/2014 News Article

Linking to Care Client Assessment Tool

05/22/2014 Resource

AETC ShareSpot: Real Life Impact of Health Reform

05/22/2014 News Article

RSR Changes: 2014 and Beyond

05/21/2014 Resource

ADAP Data Report (ADR) Download Package

05/20/2014 Resource

The Effects of Stigma Reduction Workshops in a New Jersey-Based HIV Clinic: A Pilot Study

05/19/2014 Event

Funding: Partnerships to Increase Coverage in Communities Initiative

05/16/2014 News Article

Women's HIV/AIDS Care Guide: Order Your Copy

05/16/2014 News Article

CDC/HRSA Advisory Committee

05/16/2014 Event

Fiscal Health Regional Training

05/15/2014 Event

Navigating and Preparing a HRSA Application: Responding to a Funding Opportunity Announcement

05/15/2014 Event

Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States, 2014: A Clinical Practice Guideline

05/15/2014 Resource

PrEP Guidelines Released

05/15/2014 News Article

Maximizing Third Party Reimbursement through Enhanced Medical Documentation and Coding

05/14/2014 Resource

Fiscal Health Checklists and Tools

05/14/2014 Resource

Let's Build an Indirect Rate Together

05/14/2014 Resource

How to Develop Indirect Rates for Nonprofits: OMB Circular A-122 vs. the New Super Circular

05/14/2014 Resource

Miss This? Coding Scenarios Webcast Archived

05/14/2014 News Article

Feedback on Draft 2014 RSR Client Report

05/13/2014 Event

AETCs Moving Forward: We Want to Hear From You

05/13/2014 Event

AETCs Moving Forward: We Want to Hear From You

05/13/2014 Event

Coding Scenarios

05/13/2014 Resource

ADR Submission Webcast Now Available

05/13/2014 News Article

AETC NRC Training Library: HIV Prevention

05/12/2014 Resource

Health Numeracy - The Message Behind the Numbers

05/12/2014 Event

AETC NRC Training Library: Hepatitis

05/12/2014 Resource

Informing the Field: Innovative Strategies in Retaining PLWHA in Care

05/12/2014 Event

Medicaid Expansion Decisions and Impact on Health Center Clients

05/12/2014 News Article

Hepatitis Month and HIV Insights

05/09/2014 News Article

AETC ShareSpot: ACTG 5257 1st Line Therapy Study

05/08/2014 News Article

2014 RSR Submission Timelines Announced

05/07/2014 News Article

RSR Submission Deadline

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Return for Changes Deadline

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Provider Reports Due

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Grantee Report Due

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Provider Report Start Date

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Grantee Report Start Date

05/07/2014 Event

RSR Testing Opens

05/07/2014 Event