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Minority AIDS Initiative Series: Cultural Competency & the HIV Provider

01/30/2013 Event

Retention on a Patient by Patient Basis

02/01/2013 Event

Social Service Providers and Retention

02/01/2013 Event

Lessons from the Field: Building a Medical Home Residency Training Program for Medicine Departments and Health Centers

02/07/2013 Event

Caring for LGBT Youth in Clinical Settings

02/12/2013 Event

LGBT Aging: HIV Prevention and Primary Care for LGBT Older Adults

02/12/2013 Event

Guide to Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT): An Introduction to Screening

02/12/2013 Event

Patient Privacy and Confidentiality in the Changing Health Environment

02/12/2013 Event

HIV and Diabetes: Screening and Treatment

02/21/2013 Event

What a Pain! Addressing Chronic Pain in HIV Clinical Settings

02/21/2013 Event

Update from the 2013 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

02/21/2013 Event

Introduction to the ADR and ADR Grantee Training

02/25/2013 Event

Alcohol & HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know

02/26/2013 Event

Make ACA Private Insurance Expansion Work for People with HIV

02/28/2013 Event

Renal Considerations in the HIV-Infected Patient

03/04/2013 Event

The Future of HIV Funding Including Ryan White: Economic Constraints and How Do We Adapt?

03/06/2013 Event

Strategic Restructuring in the Affordable Care Act Era 2.0 - The New Role of the HIV CBO

03/07/2013 Event

Moving to Testing and Measuring Interventions

03/08/2013 Event

Understanding the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on HIV Prevalence and Treatment

03/14/2013 Event

ADR XML Review and Client-Level Data Q&A

03/14/2013 Event

Rx-REX – A Free System for Creating ADR XML Files

03/14/2013 Event

Tools for Reporting Medications in ADR

03/14/2013 Event

Rules for Merging ADR Client-level Data Files

03/14/2013 Event

How to Complete the ADAP Data Report: Data Entry and Upload

03/14/2013 Event

ADAP Data Report: Data review and submission

03/14/2013 Event

ADR Updates on Data Q&A from the Field

03/14/2013 Event

ADR Town Hall

03/14/2013 Event

Client Eligibility Recertification

03/14/2013 Event

ACA Update: National Health Insurance Marketplace Stakeholder Conference Call

03/15/2013 Event

Cultural Competence: Strengthening the Clinician’s Role in Delivering Quality HIV Care to People with Disabilities

03/18/2013 Event

ACA Update: Webcast on Plugging into Consumer Assistance Programs in the Affordable Care Act

03/20/2013 Event

Suicide Prevention Tools for Primary Care Providers

03/22/2013 Event

ACA Update: ACA and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Eligibility 101

04/02/2013 Event

Highlights from the NQC Collection | Health Numeracy

04/02/2013 Event

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Populations through Outreach

04/02/2013 Event

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Populations: Inreach

04/03/2013 Event

ACA Implementation and the Border

04/04/2013 Event

ACA Update: Panel Discussion - How Will Consumers Navigate New Health Care Options?

04/08/2013 Event

RSR Town Hall Debrief Webcast

04/08/2013 Event

Part C Limited Compete

04/10/2013 Event

Part D Limited Compete

04/11/2013 Event

HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report HL7 Implementation Guide For clinical Document Architecture HIV/AIDS Services Report, Release 1

04/12/2013 Event

Using an Electronic Health Record for Health Information Exchange and Interoperability for Safety Net Providers

04/16/2013 Event

Pragmatic Tools to Accelerate Progress towards Consumer Engagement in eHealth

04/23/2013 Event

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Populations Series: Empowering the Patient

04/24/2013 Event

HRSA/HAB Webcast May 7: ACA Coverage Expansion and Safety Net Providers

04/29/2013 Event

Cultural Competency & the HIV Provider: Reaching the African American Female Patient

05/02/2013 Event

Tuesday Morning Discussion Series Oral Medicine: Case Histories in Crises 2010-2013

05/02/2013 Event

Issues Impacting Access to HIV Care for Young African American Males Living with HIV/AIDS

05/02/2013 Event

HIV in the Latino Community

05/02/2013 Event