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Asking the Tough Questions: Self-Assessment to Determine Growth versus Responsible Closure

01/21/2015 Event

Ensuring Data Security

01/21/2015 News Article

Pre-Application TA Call: HRSA PEPFAR Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project

01/20/2015 Event

Town Hall Meeting: National Center for Innovation in HIV Care

01/20/2015 Resource

Kick Off for YMSM and LGBT

01/16/2015 Event

Pill Taking Literacy in 6 Languages

01/14/2015 News Article

SPNS Women of Color in AIDS Patient Care and STDs

01/13/2015 News Article

CAREAction: Impact of Mental Illness on People Living with HIV

01/12/2015 News Article

CAREAction: Supporting the NHAS Through HRSA Programming

01/12/2015 News Article

Every Reasonable Effort Marketplace Participation for Uninsured Ryan White Clients

01/09/2015 Resource

Part D WICY - Existing Geographic Service Areas FY 2015 (FOA HRSA-15-022): TA Webinar

01/08/2015 Resource

HIV Care Saves Lives: CDC Vital Signs Report

01/08/2015 News Article

Coming Soon! TRAX: A New Tool for Creating the ADR

01/07/2015 News Article

National AETC FOA Pre-Application TA Call

01/05/2015 Event

Regional AETC FOA Pre-Application TA Call

01/05/2015 Event

Funding Opportunity: Regional and National AETCs

01/05/2015 News Article

Health Insurance Options for Farmworker Families (in Spanish)

12/29/2014 Event

RSR in Focus: Using Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Capture and Report RSR Data

12/26/2014 Resource

RSR in Focus: RSR Data - Are They Complete? Are They Right? Do They Reflect Your Program?

12/26/2014 Resource

The eUCI and the ADR

12/26/2014 Resource

Access to Health Coverage for Immigrants Living with HIV

12/23/2014 Event

Strategies for Ryan White providers to Partner/Transition to Community Health Centers in a Post-Affordable Care Act World

12/22/2014 Event

Understanding Health Insurance

12/22/2014 News Article

Center for Engaging Black MSM Across the Care Continuum (CEBACC) – Focus Group Updates & Review

12/22/2014 Resource

Sustainability: The State of HIV/AIDS Service Organizations

12/19/2014 Resource

Out 2 Enroll: Reaching and Connecting LGBTQ Communities to ACA Coverage Options

12/19/2014 Event

Funding Opportunity: Part D TA Call

12/19/2014 Event

Training of Quality Leaders

12/19/2014 Event

Funding Opportunity: FY15 Ryan White Part D Women, Infants, Children, and Youth

12/19/2014 News Article

Spring 2015 Data Webcast Series

12/18/2014 News Article

Reviewing Your Data at Upload: Tools within the ADR Web System

12/18/2014 Event

ADR Town Hall

12/18/2014 Event

Grantee Voices - ADR Data Quality and Completeness

12/18/2014 Event

RSR Town Hall

12/18/2014 Event

Reporting Medications in the ADR

12/18/2014 Event

Completing the ADR (Grantee Report and CLD Upload)

12/18/2014 Event

TRAX for the ADR

12/18/2014 Event

Check Your XML Feature for the ADR

12/18/2014 Event

Data Security Refresher

12/18/2014 Event

Reviewing Your Data at Upload: Tools within the RSR Web System

12/18/2014 Event

Understanding the Eligible Scope Requirement for 2015 Data

12/18/2014 Event

Grantee Voices: Options for Creating the RSR Client-Level Data File

12/18/2014 Event

Grantee Voices: Using RSR Data

12/16/2014 Resource

Town Hall Meeting: National Center for Innovation in HIV Care

12/16/2014 Event

Tax Credits & Cost Sharing Webinar Q&A

12/15/2014 Resource

Engagement as Prevention: The HIV Continuum of Care in Action

12/14/2014 Resource

Recommendations for HIV Prevention with Adults and Adolescents with HIV in the United States, 2014

12/12/2014 Resource

HIV Prevention Guidelines Updated

12/12/2014 News Article

Nominations Sought for Federal ARV Guidelines Panel

12/12/2014 News Article

Introducing CRE – The National Center for Contracting, Reimbursement, and Enrollment with Medicaid and Marketplace Insurance Plans

12/10/2014 Event