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Service Standards: Guidance for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantees/Planning Bodies

12/02/2014 Resource

Service Unit Measurement Chart

04/16/2013 Resource

Servicio de enlace para personas que usan sustancias controladas

07/03/2012 Resource

Servicios de evaluación preliminar y consejería

07/03/2012 Resource

Serving HIV Positive Youth: Ryan White TA Call

05/10/2012 Resource

Session A: What is My Completeness Report? What Does It Mean?

08/01/2012 Resource

Severity of Need Index (SONI)

05/10/2012 Resource

Share the Care-Who Does it Now?

04/22/2014 Resource

Share Your Voice to Improve LGBTQ Health

07/09/2015 News Article

Sheltering Transgender Women: Providing Welcoming Services

10/22/2014 News Article

Should We Become a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

08/19/2013 Resource

Sign Up to Be an ACA Certified Application Counselor

07/30/2013 News Article

Simplify your Data Collection

05/19/2012 Resource

Site Visit Database Changes Table

07/30/2012 Resource

Site Visit Document List

04/16/2013 Resource

Site Visit Interview Form

04/16/2013 Resource

Site Visit Monitoring Guide

04/16/2013 Resource

Site Visit Tool for Fiscal and Program Policies

07/30/2012 Resource

Six New PCMH Articles You Have to See

03/20/2014 News Article

Sliding Fee Scales, Caps on Patient Charges

07/11/2012 Resource

Smoking Cessation and People Living With HIV/AIDS

11/17/2012 News Article

Snapshot Viral Load Testing

07/03/2012 Resource

Social Service Providers and Retention

02/01/2013 Event

SPEAK UP if You are Having Problems Accessing HIV Care

04/03/2014 News Article

Special Enrollment Periods Fact Sheet

10/08/2014 Resource

SPNS 2005 Report to CARE Act Grantees

05/10/2012 Resource

SPNS Demo Site Applicants: Webcast on System-level Workforce Capacity Building for Integrating HIV Primary Care in Community Healthcare Settings

01/14/2014 Event

SPNS ETAC Applicants: System-level Workforce Capacity Building for Integrating HIV Primary Care in Community Healthcare Settings

01/14/2014 Event

SPNS Funding Available: Outreach, Access and Retention for Latinos/as

01/24/2013 News Article

SPNS Information Technology Initiative

05/10/2012 Resource

SPNS Initiative: Dissemination and Evaluation Center

05/05/2015 Event

SPNS Initiative: Findings from the Field

09/05/2013 Curriculum

SPNS Initiative: Implementation Technical Assistance Center

05/05/2015 Event

SPNS Report on New 1999-2000 Initiatives

05/10/2012 Resource

SPNS Social Media Demonstration Sites TA Call

02/26/2015 Resource

SPNS Social Media ETAC TA Call

02/26/2015 Resource

SPNS Women of Color in AIDS Patient Care and STDs

01/13/2015 News Article

Spring 2015 Data Webcast Series

12/18/2014 News Article

Stage I: HIV Readiness Assessment

07/18/2012 Resource

Stages of Change Patient Readiness Scale

05/10/2012 Resource

Stakeholder Webinar for RWHAP Part C and D Recipients

06/18/2015 Resource

Standardized New York City Jail/Intake Assessment

05/29/2012 Resource

Standards of Care

04/15/2013 Resource

Standards of Care, Case Management Standards, Virginia

05/10/2012 Resource

Standards of Care, Clinical Resources, Reports, Guidance, Texas

05/09/2012 Resource

Standards of Care, Los Angeles County

05/10/2012 Resource

Standards of Care, Utah

05/10/2012 Resource

Starting a Nonprofit: Organizational Effectiveness Series

11/19/2012 Resource

Starting ARV Treatment Early is Best

05/28/2015 News Article

State ACA and Ryan White Consumer Enrollment Resources

10/03/2013 Resource