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Teen Peer Outreach

07/03/2012 Resource

Tenant Education Workshops for PLWH

11/17/2014 News Article

Tennessee Part B Program Monitoring Tools

04/16/2013 Resource

Test and Treat: A Clinical Debate

02/06/2013 Resource

Texas Contractor Risk Assessment Tool

06/27/2012 Resource

Texas HIV Medication Program Documents

05/09/2012 Resource

Texas Part B Program Monitoring Tools

04/16/2013 Resource

The 7th Annual Minority AIDS Initiative Multicultural HIV/AIDS Provider Summit

04/18/2012 Event

The Affordable Care Act and HIV/AIDS (AIDS.GOV)

01/31/2013 Resource

The Affordable Care Act and Tuberculosis Control: Navigating New Territory

07/16/2013 Event

The Affordable Care Act: How to Address the Needs of HIV Clinics and Clinicians

01/29/2013 Resource

The Affordable Care Act: Implications for AIDS Service Organizations

10/01/2014 Event

The Affordable Care Act: Implications for AIDS Service Organizations and People Living with HIV/AIDS

11/12/2014 Resource

The Building Blocks of Primary Care Assessment

07/11/2014 Resource

The Care System Assessment Demonstration Project: A HRSA - Sponsored Effort to Identify and Reach People Living with HIV Who are Not in Care

05/10/2012 Resource

The Costs and Effects of Outreach Strategies that Engage and Retain People with HIV/AIDS in Primary Care

03/06/2014 Resource

The Diagnosis (ICD-9-CM) Code

04/22/2014 Resource

The Effects of Stigma Reduction Workshops in a New Jersey-Based HIV Clinic: A Pilot Study

05/19/2014 Event

The eUCI and the ADR

12/26/2014 Resource

The eUCI and You

08/10/2012 Resource

The Foundations of Culturally Appropriate Integrated Services for LGBT Individuals

07/01/2014 Event

The Future of HIV Funding Including Ryan White: Economic Constraints and How Do We Adapt?

03/06/2013 Event

The Game Guide: Interactive Exercises for Trainers to Teach Quality Improvement in HIV Care

06/20/2012 Resource

The HIV Care Continuum Initiative

07/17/2013 News Article

The Housing Plan

07/03/2012 Resource

The Impact of the ACA on Safety Net Providers and their Patients: Opportunities for Outreach and Education

09/05/2013 Event

The Importance of Oral Health and the Oral Health Initiative Introduction

11/04/2013 Curriculum

The Joint Commission’s Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) Certification

10/09/2012 Event

The LEAN Years

03/02/2015 Event

The New Funded Scope Requirement for the RSR: Who Should I Report?

05/10/2012 Resource

The Prime Vendor Program: ADAP TA Call

05/09/2012 Resource

The Right Tool for the Job - Using Process Tools for Improvement

07/11/2012 Event

The Right Tool for the Job - Using QI Tools

10/15/2014 Event

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program in States Not Expanding Medicaid

11/25/2013 Event

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Moving Forward and Updates on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

08/05/2014 Resource

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: What is its role now and where is it headed?

11/12/2014 Resource

The Ryan White Program: What Do We Know and What Don’t We Know?

10/01/2014 Event

The State of HIV Testing

02/04/2014 Event

The TransforMED Model for Patient-Centered Primary Care

09/27/2012 Resource

The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

07/04/2012 Resource

The Use of Peer Workers in Special Projects of National Significance Initiatives, 1993 – 2009

03/06/2014 Resource

The Use of Title II ADAP Funds to Purchase Health Insurance: ADAP TA Call

05/09/2012 Resource

The Utilization and Role of Peers in HIV Interdisciplinary Teams: Consultation Meeting Proceedings

05/10/2012 Resource

Third-Party Billing at the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory

07/24/2013 Resource

Tips for Cross-Grantee Coordination for RSR Reporting

07/17/2012 Resource

Tips for Writing Online

01/23/2013 News Article

Tips for Writing Online

11/27/2012 Resource

Tips on Using Health Insurance

01/03/2014 News Article

Tool and Webcast on Billing/Coding for HIV Care

11/10/2014 News Article

Tool for RSR and ADR XML Generation (TRAX)

10/16/2014 Resource