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Addressing the Intersection of Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS

09/08/2014 Event

Adherence Assessment Tools

05/10/2012 Resource

Adherence Follow Up Plan

07/20/2012 Resource

Adherence Protocol

07/03/2012 Resource

Administración fiscal: Serie de efectividad organizacional

11/19/2012 Resource

Administrative Overview: Part A

06/27/2012 Resource

ADR 2013 Data Collection Opens

03/06/2014 Event

ADR Client Certification and Recertification

12/19/2012 Resource

ADR Client Certification and Recertification

10/19/2012 Event

ADR Client XML Schema Definition Files

10/30/2012 Resource

ADR Client XML Testing Period Opens

09/26/2014 Event

ADR Data Quality and Completeness

03/25/2014 Resource

ADR Data Quality and Completeness

12/19/2013 Event

ADR Data Quality: Planning for the Second Submission

10/29/2013 Resource

ADR Data Validations

06/20/2014 Resource

ADR Frequently Asked Questions

05/10/2013 Resource

ADR In Focus: Data Quality

06/27/2014 Resource

ADR in Focus: Reporting Health Insurance Status in the ADR for 2014

10/07/2014 Resource

ADR in Focus: Understanding Client-Level XML Import Rules for Merging Records

04/09/2013 Resource

ADR in Focus: Validation Checks

06/20/2014 Resource

ADR Instruction Manual

08/01/2012 Resource

ADR Instruction Manual Draft Comment Period Ends

06/30/2014 Event

ADR Merge Rules 3.0

08/04/2014 Resource

ADR Required Client Level Data Elements

05/19/2012 Resource

ADR Submission Deadline

09/26/2014 Event

ADR Submission Webcast Now Available

05/13/2014 News Article

ADR System Open

04/09/2015 News Article

ADR TA Brochure

02/19/2013 Resource

ADR Town Hall

12/19/2013 Event

ADR Town Hall

12/18/2014 Event

ADR Town Hall

03/14/2013 Event

ADR Updates on Data Q&A from the Field

03/14/2013 Event

ADR Web System Opens for 2014 Data

09/26/2014 Event

ADR Web System Refresher

10/29/2013 Resource

ADR XML Requirements

09/25/2012 Event

ADR XML Review and Client-Level Data

03/26/2013 Resource

ADR XML Review and Client-Level Data Q&A

03/14/2013 Event

ADR: 2014 Data Changes

09/10/2014 Resource

ADR: Tools for Reporting Client Medications

09/03/2013 Resource

Advancing HIV/AIDS Care Along the U.S./Mexico Border: A Report on the Border Health Initiative

05/10/2012 Resource

AETC Blog: Addressing Sexual Health Issues

03/08/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: Engagement in HIV Care: Glass Half Empty…or Half Full?

01/11/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: Gearing Up for Open Enrollment in ACA Marketplaces

06/12/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: HIV and Aging

01/28/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: HIV Awareness in the Dakotas

04/02/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: Thinking of Using Technology in Training

01/11/2013 News Article

AETC Blog: Using Technology to Support Training

03/08/2013 News Article

AETC Clinician Resources by Topic

06/10/2012 Resource

AETC NRC Training Library: Case Management

06/17/2012 Resource

AETC NRC Training Library: Drug Treatment

06/17/2012 Resource