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8th Annual American Conference for the Treatment of HIV (ACTHIV)

03/24/2014 Event

How to Access the ADAP Data Report (ADR) Completeness Report

08/27/2013 Resource

Lead Agent Report Narrative Template, 2012-2013

04/17/2013 Resource

Linking MSM to Care

06/29/2012 Event

Mental Health and Retention

03/25/2014 Resource

RSR the Basics Webcast

10/22/2013 Event

2007 HIVQUAL-US Performance Data Report Ryan White Part C and Part D Funded Programs

05/10/2012 Resource

2008 Ryan White Grantee Meeting Daily News

06/18/2012 Resource

2010 Grantee Meeting Poster Awards

10/06/2012 Resource

2010 Grantee Meeting Presentations

10/06/2012 Resource

2010 Ryan White Grantee Meeting Daily News

06/18/2012 Resource

2010-2011 Ryan White Services Report (RSR): A Look at Unduplicated Data

01/31/2014 Event

2011 HIVQUAL-US Annual Data Report

06/06/2013 Resource

2011 STD Surveillance Report

12/13/2012 News Article

2012 Annual Ambulatory Care Conference

10/09/2012 Event

2012 Part A Funding Opportunity Announcement Technical Assistance Call

08/21/2012 Resource

2012 RSR Instruction Manual Update

09/04/2012 Event

2012 RW All Grantee Meeting Call for Abstracts

04/18/2012 News Article

2012 Ryan White and HRSA/HAB Facts Sheets

11/27/2012 News Article

2012 Ryan White Grantee Meeting

04/18/2012 Event

2012 Ryan White Grantee Meeting Agenda and Online Scheduler

11/23/2012 Resource

2012 Ryan White Grantee Meeting Slide Presentations

12/04/2012 Resource

2012 Ryan White Program Progress Report Released

11/27/2012 News Article

2013 ADAP Data Report (ADR) Submission Timeline

05/19/2012 Resource

2013 ADAP Data Report (ADR) Workshops

10/30/2013 Resource

2013 Consultants Site Visit Training: Ryan White Parts C, D, and F-Dental

06/19/2013 Resource

2013 HHS Year in Review

01/06/2014 News Article

2013 Ryan White Training —Time is running out!

08/05/2013 Event

340B Drug Pricing Program

10/23/2013 Resource

340B Recertification of Ryan White Programs

10/22/2013 Event

4 Steps to Contracting with Health Insurers & Provider Networks

04/22/2013 Resource

7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis Treatment and Prevention

06/25/2013 Event

A Guide for Evaluation and Treatment of Hepatitis C in Adults Coinfected with HIV

05/10/2012 Resource

A Guide to CBO Adherence Programs

05/09/2012 Resource

A Guide to Consumer Involvement: Improving the Quality of Ambulatory HIV Programs

06/20/2012 Resource

A Guide to the Clinical Care of Women with HIV/AIDS

05/10/2012 Resource

A National Web Conference on the Use of Health IT in Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs) to Improve Patient Care

07/24/2013 Event

A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Evaluation Terms for Ryan White CARE Act Grantees

05/11/2012 Resource

A Practical Guide to Measuring Unmet Need for HIV-Related Primary Medical Care -- Using the Unmet Need Framework

05/10/2012 Resource

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Improve Health Literacy and Reduce Disparities

05/10/2012 Resource

A Word on RSR and Browser Compatibility

02/14/2014 News Article

ACA & Ryan White: 6 Ways to Prepare - Consumers

04/26/2013 Resource

ACA & Ryan White: 6 Ways to Prepare - Providers

04/26/2013 Resource

ACA & Ryan White: Updates

03/30/2013 Curriculum

ACA Change Options for a Standalone HIV Organization

10/10/2013 Resource

ACA Implementation and the Border

04/04/2013 Event

ACA Implementation on the U.S./Mexico Border 2.0

09/17/2013 Event

ACA Implementation on the U.S./Mexico Border 2.0

09/17/2013 Event

ACA March 31 Enrollment Deadline Extended--In Limited Circumstances

03/26/2014 News Article

ACA Sessions at Ryan White 2012

01/31/2013 Resource