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Ryan White Part A on 2015 Program Terms Report and MAI Plans

04/27/2015 Event

Ryan White Part A: 2014 Reports and Carry-over Requests

04/27/2015 Event

Part A Manual

05/09/2012 Resource

Part C Continuum of Care Project Funding TA Call (HRSA -15-024)

03/23/2015 Resource

HIV Care Continuum: Prevention, Treatment, and Supportive Services

04/24/2015 Event

Introducing the HIV and Aging Toolkit

04/24/2015 Event

Oregon HIV Medical Case Management Standards and Forms

05/09/2012 Resource

Optimizing Linkage, Engagement, and Retention in HIV Care for Adolescents and Young Adults of Color

04/23/2015 Resource

HAB Thanks Grantees for On-Time Submissions

04/23/2015 News Article

Data to Care: Improving Treatment Outcomes & Addressing Disparities

03/15/2015 Resource

Getting your Board on Board

03/15/2015 Resource

Asking the Tough Questions: Self-Assessment toward Growth versus Responsible Closure

02/17/2015 Resource

Pharmacy Models for ASOs: Increasing Revenue and Improving Treatment for Clients

04/23/2015 Event

Reporting Medications in the ADAP Data Report (ADR)

04/22/2015 Resource

How to Complete the ADAP Data Report (ADR): Data Entry and Upload

04/08/2015 Resource

Core Medical Provider Capacity Assessment: Deadline Friday April 24

03/19/2015 News Article

Deadline 4/24: Core Medical Provider Capacity Assessment

04/20/2015 Event

Funding Opportunity: FY 2015 Part B Supplemental

03/12/2015 News Article

PBS: How San Francisco Plans to Get to Zero New Infections

04/16/2015 News Article

RSR-Ready Data Systems Vendor Information

05/11/2012 Resource

TBT: Serving HIV Positive Youth

04/15/2015 News Article

Drugs Required for Reporting in the ADR

04/15/2015 Resource

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD)

06/26/2013 Event

World AIDS Day

06/27/2012 Event

Hepatitis Testing Day

06/26/2013 Event

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

06/26/2013 Event

Ryan White and Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

09/15/2014 Event

Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

03/19/2014 Event

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

TBT: Employing Consumers

03/31/2015 News Article

Early Work of Ryan White ACA Insurance Purchasing

04/15/2015 News Article

ADR Client-Level Data Validations

06/20/2014 Resource

Young People and Ryan White Services

04/14/2015 News Article

ADR System Open

04/09/2015 News Article

Medicaid Options for Financing Supportive Housing Services

04/13/2015 Event

ADR Instruction Manual

08/01/2012 Resource

Addressing the Healthcare Needs of the Transgender Patient

04/13/2015 Event

Quality Site Visit Report - Consultant Training

04/10/2015 Resource

Creating a Jail Linkage Program: Tools from the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices Program

04/07/2014 Curriculum

Choosing a Software System to Create the RSR Client-Level XML File

08/10/2012 Resource

PrEP for HIV Prevention: Real World Clinical Case Studies

04/09/2015 Event

TRAX for the ADR

03/26/2015 Resource

Check Your XML Feature for the ADR

03/18/2015 Resource

Understanding the Eligible Scope Requirement for 2015 Data

01/28/2015 Resource

Data Security Refresher

02/25/2015 Resource

Completing the ADR (Grantee Report and CLD Upload)

12/18/2014 Event