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CAREWare Files to Calculate HAB Performance Measures

01/29/2014 Resource

FY 14 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part B Program Supplemental FOA

04/16/2014 Resource

ADAP Data Report Client Data Dictionary Version 2.0

08/21/2012 Resource

SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions

01/24/2013 Resource

Tools for Reporting Medications in the ADAP Data Report (ADR)

04/03/2014 Resource

ADR Instruction Manual

08/01/2012 Resource

RSR XML Schema Files

10/31/2013 Resource

Ryan White Services Report (RSR) Data Dictionary and XML Schema Implementation Guide for the Client-Level Data Report

05/10/2012 Resource

Guide to Oral Health Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Oral Diseases, Dental Emergencies and Patient Education

04/16/2014 Resource

EHB and the RSR System

03/27/2014 Resource

Reviewing Your RSR Data

03/27/2014 Resource

XML File - All Things XML

03/27/2014 Resource

In+Care Campaign Webcasts

03/25/2014 Resource

Patient Engagement: Strategies to keep patients at the center of the HIV Medical Home

03/24/2014 Resource

HIV/AIDS Medical Homes Resource Center Print Resource Bibliography

09/27/2012 Resource

ADR Data Quality and Completeness

03/25/2014 Resource

Part A Program Update

03/18/2014 Resource

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Learn about Reform

03/30/2013 Curriculum

Affordable Care Act Federal Web Resources

07/02/2013 Resource

Affordable Care Act and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Learning Modules

03/31/2013 Resource

Ryan White & the Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know

03/31/2013 Resource

Affordable Care Act: Supporting Implementation

07/02/2013 Resource

Enroll and Access ACA Health Coverage

05/29/2013 Resource

Affordable Care Act & HIV/AIDS Web Sites

10/07/2013 Resource

Agency Readiness for ACA

05/29/2013 Resource

Successfully Managing Fiscally Healthy HIV Nonprofits

05/10/2012 Resource

Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability

05/10/2012 Resource

Marketplace Plan Comparison Worksheet

03/13/2014 Resource

Part C HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS), Additional Service Area Competition (Ponce, Puerto Rico)

03/31/2014 Resource

How to Apply for Marketplace Coverage

07/17/2013 Resource

Calculators: ACA Premiums, Subsidies and Eligibility

06/20/2013 Resource

ACA & Ryan White: 6 Ways to Prepare - Consumers

04/26/2013 Resource

Assessing Health Plans for Ryan White Clients and ADAPs

10/03/2013 Resource

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Adjust Your Systems

03/22/2013 Curriculum

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Participate in the Marketplace Process

03/22/2013 Curriculum

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Key Websites

03/30/2013 Curriculum

Affordable Care Act & the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

03/30/2013 Curriculum

Introduction to Oral Health: Oral Screening and Dental Management

03/31/2014 Resource

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Educate and Assist Your Clients

03/22/2013 Curriculum

Billing, Reimbursement and the Cost of Care

05/29/2013 Resource

What's Going on @ SPNS: CyberSPNS Bulletin

03/06/2014 Resource

Tools for Creating the ADR XML Client Report

03/14/2014 Resource

Ryan White State Profiles

05/10/2012 Resource

Integrating Oral Health Care in HIV Primary Care Settings: A Guide to Oral Health Care for PLWHA

04/17/2014 Resource

Intraoral Dental Exam: Guide to Oral Health Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS

04/02/2014 Resource

The Use of Peer Workers in Special Projects of National Significance Initiatives, 1993 – 2009

03/06/2014 Resource

Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs Part D Informational Webinar

02/27/2014 Resource

Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs Part C Informational Webinar

02/27/2014 Resource

Increasing Access to HIV Medications: Models that Work

03/05/2014 Resource

Part C Capacity Development (HRSA-14-061) webinar

02/25/2014 Resource