ACE TA Center

ACE TA Center

The goal of the ACE TA Center is to help RWHAP recipients and subrecipients enroll diverse clients, especially people of color, in health insurance.

Under the Affordable Care Act, many RWHAP clients are eligible for new health coverage options, including Medicaid and Marketplace plans. The ACE TA Center provides practical tools and resources to support engagement, education, enrollment, and renewal activities. Our technical assistance and training is responsive to recipient and subrecipient needs and informed by culturally competent best practices.

The ACE TA Center is a cooperative agreement between JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and the Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau, and is funded by the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ Minority AIDS Initiative.


Elizabeth Costello
Communications Manager
ACE TA Center
[email protected] 

Kibibi Matthews-Brown
Project Officer